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        Company Profile

        Smart Water Integrated Management System One-stop Service Provider

        Founded in 1994, Hangzhou Jingda Electronics Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise that continuously carries out research and technological achievements in the high-tech field, which is supported by the national key support of research, development, production, sales and service of smart metering instruments. After 25 years of sustainable development, the company's business involves water, electricity, gas, heat and other smart metering and remote meter reading management systems and provides comprehensive solutions. The company has all-round research and development capabilities of hardware, software, structural parts and design of intelligent water meters. It has a number of patents for inventions, utility model patents and design patents for smart water meters. Many of them have filled the gaps in the domestic industry and have comprehensive strength.

        The company has an independent modern R & D and production base - Jingda Science and Technology Park, located in the west of Hangzhou, adjacent to the Alibaba headquarters, with a building area of 40,000 square meters, with an annual production capacity of millions of smart meters, is a large domestic water One of the R&D and production bases for smart meters and systems such as electricity, gas and heat.

        Based on the business philosophy of "product quality is life, customer satisfaction is the purpose", Jingda has service points throughout the country to ensure that every user can get fast and efficient service. Jingda is marching into becoming a professional supplier of civil intelligent measuring instruments in the world with a large-scale and intensive attitude!

        Hangzhou Jingda Electronics Co., Ltd.

        Company Culture

        Brand mission

        Quality competition
        Take control of the goal

        core value

        Smart Water Integrated Management System
        service provider
        Provide one-stop resource management

        Corporate slogan

        Continuous innovation and steady development
        High quality, wisdom and future

        Business wish

        Service water supply enterprise wisdom water service
        Construction and development
        Leading China's metering water meter technology
        Innovation and change

        Development History

        Participated in the national standard of "GB/T 778.1-2018 drinking cold water meter and hot water meter".
        Won the invention patent certificate of "Elevator gravity balance device and balance method for large-diameter screw-wing water meter".
        LXSY NB wireless remote water meter won the "China Unicom NB network terminal storage certificate".


        Successfully won the bid and implemented the implementation project of smart water meter transformation in Pudong area and Puxi area of Shanghai.
        Won the "electronic screw wing smart small caliber" invention patent certificate.
        Participated in the "DB51/T5032-2017" Sichuan Province residential water supply one household and one meter technical regulations.
        The national high-tech enterprise was reviewed and approved.


        Received the “2016 A-level supplier” certificate issued by Changsha Water Industry Group.


        The patented product "Electronic screw-wing smart water meter" won the "Building Industry Scientific and Technological Achievement Evaluation Certificate" through the evaluation of scientific and technological achievements in the construction industry.


        In the “Jingcheng Cup” 13th session of the smart water meter enterprise list, it won the “2014 Top 10 Enterprises in the Comprehensive Strength of Intelligent Water Meter Enterprises” award.


        In January 2013, won the “Good Cooperation Award” from Huaxia Happiness Foundation.
        In February 2013, the company won the title of “Top Ten Comprehensive Strength” in the smart water meter industry, “2012 Most Innovative Water Meter Brand” and “2012 Smart Water Meter Innovation Excellence Enterprise”


        In October 2012, “Hangzhou Jingda Electronics Co., Ltd.” and “Hunan Weiming Energy Technology”, “Jiangxi Shanchuan Shares”, “Xi’an Qiqi Electronic Shares” and “Huali Instrument Group” established “Smart Water Metering Industry” "Affiliate" aims to "provide users with interoperable water metering products" to create a fair and just benign competitive industrial environment and promote the healthy development of the industry.
        In October 2012, “Competing Technology Park” was officially launched.
        In December 2012, he joined the “Hangzhou Internet of Things Industry Association” member.


        In February 2011, won the “2010 Top 10 Smart Water Meters Comprehensive Strength Enterprise” award in the 9th China Smart Water Meter Ranking; “Competition” trademark won “2010 Innovative Water Meter Most Influential Brand”; “Hangzhou Jingda” Electronics Co., Ltd. won the "2010 Smart Water Meter Corporate Social Responsibility" Award
        In October 2011, the “National High-Tech Enterprise” was reviewed and approved.


        In January 2010, won the “China's Smart Water Meter Most Respected Enterprise Award” in the 8th China Smart Water Meter Ranking
        In June 2010, “Competition Digital Energy Management Platform Software V1.0” obtained software product registration certificate.
        In June 2010, the JDEMS digital energy management platform was included in the “Zhejiang Energy Conservation Technology and Product Promotion Guide (6th Batch)”
        In August 2010, “a solar power supply device for smart water meter power supply” won the “utility model patent certificate”
        In November 2010, he obtained the CAS certification from Shanghai Ingle, and obtained the design, production and sales certification of water meter, electric energy meter, gas meter, heat meter, water saving valve, remote meter reading system and energy management system.
        In December 2010, the groundbreaking ceremony of “Jingda Science and Technology Park” was held, and the construction of “Jingda Science and Technology Park” started.


        In 2009, Jingda brand “smart IC card water meter” passed the test of Malaysian national certification body.
        In 2009, Jingda “Smart IC Card Water Meter” passed the national certification of Turkey and obtained the “EU Certification”.
        In February 2009, the “Competition” trademark won the “2008 Most Influential Brand of Smart Water Meter”
        In February 2009, the certificate of “standardized good behavior” issued by Zhejiang Standardization Association was obtained.
        In May 2009, “Competing Smart IC Card Water Meter Control Software V1.0” obtained software copyright registration certificate.
        In November 2009, the competitive brand “LHS-8 pure water meter” was tested by the Sao Paulo Water Company of Brazil and obtained the Equip sabesp certification.
        In November 2009, Zhejiang Jingda Qitai Technology Co., Ltd. was established with Hong Kong Qitai Instrument Co., Ltd. with a total investment of 11.1 million US dollars.
        In December 2009, the “Jingda Brand” meter was recognized as “Hangzhou Famous Brand Product” by Hangzhou Famous Brand Strategy Promotion Committee.


        In February 2008, it won the third place in the top ten comprehensive strength enterprises in the sixth China smart water meter enterprise ranking.
        In April 2008, “Imported water flow meter with asymmetrical water flow meter and ball valve connected to the inlet and outlet water” won the “utility model patent certificate”
        In June 2008, it was awarded the “Explosion-proof Certificate” for explosion-proof electrical equipment issued by the National Quality Supervision and Inspection Center for Explosion-proof Electrical Products.
        In October 2008, the company won the bid for the remote collection project of the civil water meter for the mining service department of PetroChina Southwest Oil and Gas Field Company.
        In December 2008, it was recognized as “Zhejiang High-tech Enterprise”


        In June 2007, “Competing Smart IC Card Water Meter Control Software V1.0” obtained software product registration certificate.
        In June 2007, JD brand smart IC card pure water meter obtained the “Sanitary License Approval” for domestic products related to drinking water hygiene and safety.


        In December 2006, it won the title of “The Most Developed Enterprise” in the 5th China Smart Water Meter Enterprise Ranking, and “The 5th Comprehensive Strength”


        In December 2005, the company won the “Top Ten Enterprises of Comprehensive Water Meters in 2005”
        In December 2005, the company won the 4th China Smart Water Meter Rankings, “Second Technology Innovation Enterprise” and “Comprehensive Strength Enterprise 6th”


        In July 2004, the "AC power supply stability feedback method" won the "invention patent certificate"
        In August 2004, “a water meter component that can be used for drip metering” obtained a “utility model patent certificate”


        In April 2002, “Automatic current switching device for standard electric energy meter” won the “utility model patent certificate”
        In August 2002, "the use of micro-switches as a signaling dry-type water meter" won the "utility model patent certificate"
        In August 2002, "IC card case with ball valve and water meter connected" won the "utility model patent certificate"
        In November 2002, the “plastic seal for instruments” won the “utility model patent certificate”
        In November 2002, “Improved Floating Ball Valve for IC Card Water Meter” won the “Practical Model Patent Certificate”


        In March 2001, participated in the formulation of the national standard GB/T 11150-2001 electric energy meter calibration device!


        Hangzhou Jingda Electronics Co., Ltd. was established!



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